Bornean Orangutan Born at Phoenix Zoo

Apologies to all you newborn parents, but the cutest baby in metro Phoenix right now currently resides at the Phoenix Zoo.

And yeah, okay, he's technically an orangutan.

On Tuesday, September 2, Bornean orangutans Bess and Michael welcomed their second offspring. The yet-unnamed male was delivered that afternoon in good health under the supervision of the zoo staff.

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Bess and Michael's first born, a female named Kasih, is now 8 years old. She is joined by another orangutan of the same age named Daniel, who came to the Phoenix Zoo by way of Cleveland.

The Phoenix Zoo has not released an exact date of when Bess and her newborn will return to the exhibit, but officials promise to notify the public as soon as the pair is cleared to leave their night house where they are currently bonding.

Of course it's not just his unbearable cuteness that makes the birth of this Bornean orangutan so significant. According to the Phoenix Zoo, Bornean orangutans could be extinct in a matter of five to 10 years due to the destruction of their natural habitats caused by palm oil manufacturers.

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