Boss Dresser

Wearing an evening gown, top hat, or a monocle in public is tricky -- unless you’re going to some sort of steampunk-themed fete or an Oscar party. Even if an event has a formal dress code, pulling off a monocle without looking like Mr. Peanut or a Bond villain is damn near impossible. Fortunately, the ballgown tucked away in your closet may be useful after all, because Sidebar’s Seventh Annual Classy Party encourages lavish digs for an evening of decadence. If fancy clothes make you uncomfortable, suck it up and deal, because Luke Hansen and Charlie Meyer will DJ and the best-dressed person will win a free bottle of champagne. Plus, everyone looks great when they’re dressed to the nines.

Fri., Dec. 7, 9 p.m., 2012
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Melissa Fossum
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