Branch Out Online and In "Real Life" at PodCampAZ This Weekend

Let's face it: Good ideas should be shared.

And the notion of sharing ideas is exactly what this weekend's PodCampAZ seeks to promote by exploring the technology and techniques (yes, there's a fair warning of a nerd alert here) that help ideas spread online.

PodCamp is an open format "unconference" covering new media that encourages anyone to step up and share. While the "pod" in the name comes from "podcasting", the wide range of covered topics include blogging, internet video, photography, and even reality television.

More event details after the jump ...

"Once you're creating and publishing your own content, you can make your ideas available to the entire world," says organizer Chad Swaney. "With the range of tools available there really are no limits on what you can do."

Attendees are encouraged to actively participate actively in the different talks, breakouts, and panels. Chad adds, "Anyone who wants to speak can speak, there is no limit on the programming, and no charge to get in. You can come and go as you please."

PodCampAZ is free, and runs Saturday and Sunday, November 20 - 21, at the University of Advancing Technology in Tempe. Click here to register.

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Jeff Moriarty
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