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Breaking Bad Fan-Fiction: The Good, The Bad, and the Are You F#*king High?

The season premiere of Breaking Bad is a just five days away, and truthfully, it couldn't have come sooner. We've been crawling the walls since the climax of Season 4, and in the 10 long months between then and now, we've engaged in some pretty heinous, borderline creepy activities to keep the candle burning for our favorite show.

We've deluged Aaron Paul's twitter with requests to call us at the office and deliver a "What up, Bitch" on our voicemail (still waiting, btw.) We bought 10 pounds of blue-raspberry rock candy from an Internet wholesaler and one time, we actually trolled an El Pollo Loco drive thru and asked for Gustavo.

But even in the depths of our uber-fandom, we came nowhere close to the Heisenberg devotees posting Breaking Bad fan-fiction all over the Web.

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Bob Beard