Breaking Ground Festival 2015 Seeks Dancers, Choreographers

If you've been looking for an opportunity to show off your new dance moves, this might just be your chance.

The eighth annual Breaking Ground Festival is set to take place Friday and Saturday, March 20 and 21, at Tempe Center for the Arts. Though the show is still quite a few months away, program coordinators are already looking for local artist to contribute new and existing works.

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The two-day showcase will feature both concert dance and dance film performances that challenge perspectives, expectations, and mainstream methods. In addition to the performance elements, guests and performers will also be able to attend community classes and an after-party event.

Ultimately, a panel of four judges will select between 10 and 12 artists to give 12-minute performances during the two-day festival. Those artists will receive an honorarium of $150 for groups of three or less or $200 for groups of more than four.

Interested choreographers and dance artists have until Wednesday, November 1, to submit their new or existing work. If the work is new, in addition to submitting video of the performance, applicants must also provide written proposal detailing the concept and the materials needed.

The application fee is $55 for the initial entry and $25 for any additional submissions. Applications are available online. For more information, visit www.conderdance.com.

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