Breaks, Battles, and Beefs: 20 Years of Memories from the Furious Styles Crew

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Z-Trip Gets Furious

House: Z-Trip and I stayed connected and would tag along with each other to events. He was still playing more b-boy jams at that time, like at the Pro-Am in Miami when Furious Styles was there. He was heavily into the b-boy scene then.

Z-Trip: We'd hang out, he'd always come out to the shows I was at with the Bombshelter [DJs]. His crew would always sort of come and support us. It was good, since we needed them and they needed us. So it was like both worlds coming together every Wednesday. And it just kind of cool because it slowly developed over the years.

House: Wherever the Bombshelter DJs were playing at the time, whether it was at Nita's or the Green Room, those were our weekly spots. That was church. That's where we went all the time. There hasn't been anything like since. Any night with Z-Trip, especially when he was with Emile and Radar, it's going to be incredible. I met them when they first started throwing [parties]. I knew Emile's cousin and she told me that they were playing some little ice cream shop in Scottsdale.

Z-Trip: It was such a brotherly relationship that after a while they were like, "We're just going to make you an honorary member," because I was DJing all the gigs with them. They just put me down with their crew. It's always been family, right from the start.

Pickster One: On his Shifting Gears record, his first major label release, Z-Trip put this song called "Furious." It's like this breakbeat/b-boy type of song. He's been a proud member of Furious Styles Crew for a long time.

Z-Trip: I just wanted to give them a tune to rock to. That was a very Arizona record, my first record coming out of here. I got all the MCs I wanted to get on it and I felt like I wanted to do an instrumental track for [Furious Styles] just to tip my hat to them. And that's really it. I was just always showing love to the dancers. It really sort of helped me get established, because hip-hop was always my love, but the first gigs I did overseas were Battle of the Year with Mr. Freeze from Rocksteady Crew and going out there and sort of meeting all the different people over there. It was all at b-boy events. I'm a b-boy DJ at heart, so I'm always trying to give back to them.

Hanging at The Blunt Club:

Dumper: They've always supported The Blunt Club and what we do, so I figured it was only right to support what they do. They were there from when I started up until now. We used to have big dance cyphers every week and House would be in there all the time. A lot of the younger cats in the crew, their careers started at The Blunt Club.

House: We stated getting involved with the Blunt Club since day one. It came in at a time when Z-Trip had just moved away and it became that new spot, that new place where you're going to go to battle people. And that's what it was. You'd go there and, yeah, you'd hang out, but then you'd battle people every single time. That's where we met Dumper and started building a relationship with him.

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