Breaks, Battles, and Beefs: 20 Years of Memories from the Furious Styles Crew

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The Rise of the B-Boys and Breaking in the Media:

House: When movies like You Got Served came out in 2004, it was a catch 22. There's nothing wrong with those movies as long as you understand that it's just entertainment and its purpose is to sell tickets. I can't hit on it because one of the things that catapulted me when I was younger was Beat Street and Breakin', which was the You Got Served of back then.

But because a lot of what they showed in You Got Served -- the flashy, quick spins -- you'd get the people that wanted to do that. They didn't want to learn about b-boying or b-girling or the culture, they wanted to learn how to do tricks or how to spin on their head.

So it helps raise awareness of dancing but its kind of annoying because you aren't gonna give anything back to the culture, you just want to learn something to impress your friends or to do at your next recital. Like I said, it's catch 22, like with the new movie that's out Battle of the Year. At the same time, some people will get inspired into jumping into the whole thing and how to do it properly and not just jump on the bandwagon.

Miracles: I think when dancing [reality] shows started getting popular, I think it helped a lot of us getting work as dancers. Some of us we're teaching at dance studios and because of the rise primarily of say, America's Best Dance Crew or So You Think You Can Dance? and things like that would bring in a lot of new students. Hip-hop has always been popular but the dance element of hip-hop has gotten bigger.

Furious Styles Biggest Moments:

Miracles: Getting to do the Battle of the Year in Germany in 2008 was a big moment, getting to represent the U.S. at an event we grew up watching. At the RedBull Beat Battle [in 2005] we again got to represent the U.S. against 16 countries. That was an amazing moment too. Every moment where the crew is all together is pretty amazing, like just recently we made it to the semis in R-16. There were like 8 to 10 of us there. Usually it's a three-on-three thing, but we actually got to battle all together.

House: We've played some weird places.

Miracles: We've done huge corporate functions where we would put on spacesuits and stuff, like at resorts and hotels in the ballroom like for Phillips or Toshiba. It was just really weird, dancing all weird in spacesuits and breakin' here and there. It was at the Biltmore. They had a spaceship on stage and everything. We we're the entertainment that has to liven everyone up.

We've even had to break in skis and snowboards when Shaun White was on a pipe right next to us in Colorado. It was inside a place and they built an ice rink too. Dancing in fricken skis [laughs]. I was cracking up. It was fun though.

Miracles: Those were as corporate as you can get, so it was very suit and tie. Usually they'd have us be the first thing in the day, like at 8 in the morning, which doesn't help either.

House: Odin moved out to L.A. [in 2007] specifically to get a lot of commercial work, like commercials for K-Mart and McDonalds. He has a small part in that Battle of the Year movie that just came out. I did a music video for the Nas' song "I Can."

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