Brent Bond, Joe Jankovsky, Lawrence McLaughlin, Moderncat and More at Tonight's First Friday

This week, Jackalope Ranch has given a few hints about the good stuff happening downtown tonight.

And while we know you'll be armed with your Field Guide, we thought you could also do with a little round-up highlighting some of the more promising prospects out there.

Yes,'re welcome.

"Past/Present, Brent Bond/Santo Press" @ Modified Arts

Brent Bond (#14 on the Jackalope Ranch Creatives list) is a master printer, photographer, and multi-media artist. This show features his visual remix of religious symbols and iconography that challenge political and social norms with a healthy dose of satire. Visitors will also see limited edition fine art prints by Bond's Santo Press that creates low cost works by local and national artists. Find more info here.

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"Noxious Minds: an Unholy Alliance" @ Galeria de los Muertos
Galeria de los Muertos just came on the scene in November 2010 and this month's premiere artists certainly fit the gallery's name. Aleta Welling is a self-taught artists who uses acrylic and oils to create her dark, fantasy and sci-fi inspired images. Davemarkart creates sculpture featuring charming skeletal characters. The rest of the show includes pieces by other Galeria artists to see what's to come of this new space. Click here for more details.

Lawrence McLaughlin and Eric Cox Artists' Reception @ Willo North Gallery
Full Disclosure: The curator of this art show, Robrt Pela, is a contributing writer for New Times. The show features two artists heavily influenced by nature and earthly forms. Lawrence McLaughlin presents a collection of his jagged and visceral sculpture while Eric Cox shows off his heavily textured multi-media wall pieces. Not to mention, the reception will have French wine and homemade snacks (yum). Click here for more details.

Moderncat Studio Grand Re-Opening Party @ Bragg's Pie Factory
You don't have to be a cat-lover to appreciate Kate Benjamin's sleek design style...but it certainly doesn't hurt. The one-woman blog and business extraodinaire recently switched studio spaces at Bragg's Pie Factory and is throwing a little shindig to celebrate. Tour the new space and check out her latest kitty-cat-themed cards, decorations, toys and scratchers. Click here for more details.

"Document and Facsimile: Photographs from the Icehouse" @ The Icehouse
With a 20-year legacy of providing a venue for some of Phoenix's most notable art exhibitions and events, the Icehouse claims they will close their doors at the end of 2011. Photographer Joe Jankovsky presents an homage to the venue with his collection of images taken throughout the years at these art happenings. Click here for details.

And, of course, you've already read about John Wagner at After Hours Gallery and Robert Loughlin at Perihelion Arts.

Looks like you've got your work cut out for you...

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