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Bridesmaids: SNL Scribes Shine on the Silver Screen

Besides doing fun relationship stuff like arguing about how to discipline their dog, New Times blogger Tyler Hughes and his girlfriend, Jackie Cronin, go to the movies.

Tyler: Going in to Bridesmaids, I was sure that you'd like this movie more than I would. I'm a big fan of SNL scribes getting some time on the big screen, but I just didn't expect to like this film that much.

Jackie:  It's not that I didn't like Bridesmaids -- it was definitely hilarious -- but I just think that some parts dragged on, and I'm not really a fan of "woe is me" films. (Probably why I don't like a majority of Ben Stiller's films.)

Tyler: Yeah, Kristen Wiig's character, Annie, was a little pathetic, but I thought she played it really well, and managed to keep a decent distance from her SNL characters. She managed to make pathetic kind of appealing.

Jackie: I wish Maya Rudolph, who played bride-to-be, had more to do. Her scenes were great, and she's hilarious, but for most of the film she is just kind of along for the ride.

Tyler: Rose Byrne as Helen was the perfect nemesis for Annie. Actually, it's their rivalry that drives most of the movie. Lillian chooses Annie, her childhood friend, to be her maid of honor, but Helen keeps trying to hijack all of Annie's attempts at her maid of honor duties. 

Jackie: Oh yeah, Melissa McCarthy was borderline unrecognizable in this film, she played a very different turn from "Mike & Molly", which I think made her character all the more hilarious. Her and Byrne's characters helped the film capture that kind of bitchy cattiness between bridesmaids and maid of honor really well. As someone who has been both a bridesmaid and a maid of honor I can vouch that stuff like that really happens. 

Tyler: Like that scene where Annie and Helen keep trying to one up each other during the maid of honor speech? That scene was so fantastically awkward, it felt like something Michael Scott would do.

Jackie: Yeah, that scene was really great, and the payoff was worth the five minutes of "can't look away because it's so awkward and I'm starting to feel awkward," kind of feeling. But, it also kind of felt like an SNL sketch that went on just a little too long.

Tyler: I actually appreciated most of those "sketch" type scenes. For the most part they were really funny and the pay off was totally worth the extra takes. When it worked it was great, but there were just some parts where it lingered a little to long and was just okay. 

Jackie: Yeah, for the most part Bridesmaids was very funny and smartly written, not a surprise considering Kristen Wiig co-penned the script. I feel like I missed half of the laughs because the audience was laughing so loud over some of the lines. 

Tyler: I hadn't been in a movie with that much audience interaction in awhile. There were a couple of ladies in wedding gowns too, if you count THOR, that makes us two-for-two for "movies that people wore costumes, too."

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Tyler Hughes