Bridget Lang's Style Is Inspired by Glitter, Vintage, and Rock 'n' Roll

When 21-year-old Bridget Lang and her boyfriend walk around Phoenix, sometimes they get weird looks.

Lang, who has moved all around Arizona, says the couple just dresses a little differently. "I know people look at us funny," she says. "But if we're comfortable and happy about what we're wearing, it's all good."

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Lang describes her style as a blend of "cutesy, quirky stuff" with a hard edge to it. She takes graphic prints and throws in a chunky shoe and fun accessories to complete her look.

"I get a lot of my inspiration from really strong female lead roles," says Lang. "For instance, in the rock 'n' roll world, there's Courtney Love from Hole, Kathleen Hannah and Bikini Kill, and Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. I even like Diane Keaton's looks from the '70s."

Lang says she also draws inspiration from blogging on Tumblr (you can follow her at, admiring Japanese street fashion, and even the vintage items she collects with her boyfriend.

"We collect clothing and vintage toys. We have some awesome vintage Pee-wee Herman stuff and even some Ren and Stimpy toys. I'm also into more delicate things like some porcelain lambs I've found over the years."

Currently, Lang is a nanny who loves making arts and crafts with the girls she looks after. "I'll come home with glitter and stickers all over me," she says.

Lang truly enjoys her job but says that after recently beginning to explore making her own clothing, she would love to make clothes for others someday.

"I don't have these weird ambitions of making a lot of money," she says. "I just want to be happy."

What are you wearing? I'm wearing a vintage dress I got from Buffalo Exchange in Phoenix, some vintage cat earrings, some H&M shoes I bought used, some ruffle socks, and fun hair accessories.

Where do you usually shop? I don't like paying a lot for my clothing. I go to Goodwill when they have sale days, and I like getting accessories from Forever 21.

What was the last item of clothing you bought? I bought these really cool red roper boots. I had a pair when I was younger and I wore them with everything. This is the first time I've had them in a while, which I'm really excited about.

Name five things every woman should have in her closet. 1) A go-to dress 2) A backpack 3) Fun accessories 4) A pair of really cute high-top Doc Martins or Vans or shoes that are comfortable and go with almost anything 5) Sparkles to put on your cheeks and eyes

What's a trend you can't stand? There's a lot. Trends are going to be hip in the now, but they're not classic or timeless. I'm not too into the high-low hems on skirts or dresses. I don't think they're very flattering for anyone. I also don't like boat shoes or loafers without socks. Everybody's feet get sweaty and hot, and you could find some cute socks instead.

Give us a childhood memory of you and clothes. When my parents separated, my dad told me that I could wear whatever I wanted. He gave me a lot of freedom with clothing, which I'm really happy about and grateful for.

What's your one piece of fashion advice for Phoenix? We're in a conservative state. If you dress slightly different, you're going to get weird looks. It's one of those things where you have to turn your head and say, I'm going to wear what I'm going to wear because it makes me comfortable and happy.

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