Brit Hits

In their chart-topping single “You! Me! Dancing!,” the indie Britpoppers of Los Campesinos describe how a raucous club night in their native Wales is filled with much dancing and debauchery, singing “The beats, yeah, they were coming out the speakers/And were winding up straight in your sneakers.” And from what local promoter Robden Brethauer tells us, his newest monthly dance night, Obscura (which debuts Friday, April 11 and takes place the second Friday of every month thereafter), sounds like it’s gonna be the same kinda place. “We’re gonna have a Britpop focus and play a lot of current indie rock that’s not remixed so much you won't recognize the song,” says Brethauer, who used to put on the monthly Panic! night. He also promises ’80s New Wave, ’70s glam, and ’60s mod and soul will pump out of the sound system at The Ruby Room Lounge, 717 South Central Avenue. Resident wax-worker DJ Manchester will be joined by this month’s guest, DJ Roya.
Second Friday of every month, 8 p.m., 2008
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