Broken People's PSA Explains Bitchy Resting Face

Well all know that girl.

Hell some of us are that girl -- the girl whose facial default is downright bitchy.

Blame it on bone structure, PMS, or the fact that she is simply not amused, but Bitchy Resting Face (or BRF) is condition that countless women are plagued by. With no cure in sight, the only thing you can do is just assume you did something wrong.

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Bitchy Resting Face is a new PSA parody produced by the YouTube channel Broken People. Created by Taylor Orci and Jared Nigro, the channel mainly operates as home to their web series about a dysfunctional couple taking their insecurities out on each other in a variety of ciché relationship situations.

Although Bitchy Resting Face is a slight tangent from their usual webcast, it has already received nearly double the amount of views of the average upload.

Of course when you consider that Bitchy Resting Face is worldwide epidemic, the numbers should come as no surprise.

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