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Bruce Campbell Is Coming to Phoenix

Bruce Campbell Ash Vs Evil Dead.
Bruce Campbell Ash Vs Evil Dead. Renaissance Pictures
Hail to the king, baby. Bruce Campbell is coming to Phoenix.

The cult actor with a chin that rivals Jay Leno's, Campbell has been a regular on the fan convention circuit ever since his career-defining role as Ash Williams in the Evil Dead series. While Campbell has parlayed those three Evil Dead pictures into a star turn on Starz's gloriously gory Ash Vs Evil Dead TV show (season three is coming soon), he's also appeared in many other films and shows. Whether he's doing cameos in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man films, portraying a decrepit Elvis in Bubba Ho-Tep, or playing the perfect roguish sidekick on Xena and Burn Notice, Campbell brings a playful charm and wit to the small and big screens.

He also brings that wit to his work as a writer.

He's already written two bestsellers, My Name is Bruce and If Chins Could Kill, and he's set to release a third book this fall. Hail to the Chin is a memoir that picks up where If Chins Could Kill left off, chronicling Campbell's later years in the entertainment industry.

Changing Hands is bringing the B-movie icon to the Dobson High School Auditorium in Mesa on Wednesday, September 27. He'll be reading from his new book and also hosting Last Fan Standing, a pop-culture trivia match about all things sci-fi and horror. The trivia game is open for all attendees to participate in.

The event starts at 6 p.m. All seating is general admission. Tickets can be purchased at Changing Hands. Signed hardcover copies of the book are included with regular admission tickets; VIP tickets to attend a post-event meet and greet with Campbell (who will sign memorabilia) are also available.

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Ashley Naftule