Bug Out

Tempe DJ and rapper duo Foundation and Brad B have been on their grind in the Valley hip-hop scene for about a decade as part of the bigger black-sheep squadron known as the Drunken Immortals. Which makes their show on Saturday, November 28, all the more impressive, as the two will celebrate the beats and wordsmithery of the newly released album by The Insects, another slamming project of the two.

Foundation and Brad B have had noteworthy solo excursions, but their incarnation as The Insects strikes an ideal balance of rock-solid, jazz-accented instruments and relentless vocal bursts. As satisfying as their alchemy is, the special guests on the new disc, Gone Pt. 1, sweeten the deal. Underground stalwart Josh Martinez lends his fluid flow to the track "Wonder Years,” while L.A.'s 2mex, Seattle's Grayskul, and Drunken Immortals’ comrade Mic Cause also make guest spots.

The first 200 people through the door at Hollywood Alley receive a physical copy of Gone Pt. 1, and live art from virtuoso Dumpsterfoo will add eye candy to the proceedings.

Sat., Nov. 28, 9 p.m., 2009
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Jose Gonzalez