Bunky Boutique Finds a New Home

The day has arrived. Bunky Boutique has officially moved.

We've been looking forward to this since we heard about it in early April. We got a first look at the space this morning as the dust was still settling (check out our slideshow for more snapshots).

Yes, Bunky Boutique is now open for business at their new location in the Merz Project Building (on 1st Street, south of McDowell Road) and will host an open house this Saturday, May 22.

Owner Rachel Richards-Malloy opened Bunky 2 1/2 years ago (she named the store after her grandmother who has gone by the nickname "Bunky" since childhood) in a small space off Roosevelt Street. After a year, she moved to 3rd Street, right next to The Roosevelt.

Now, the new Bunky is only 500 square feet. "I went down in square feet but up in merchandise," Richards-Malloy says. She's added accessories, handbags, housewares and books to the store that's always carried moderately priced clothing.

The space may be small, but designer Hayes McNeil from Plus Minus Studio created a labyrinth that actually feels quite roomy. The winding walls are made from salvaged wood taken from concrete forms.

And, of course, the bonus prize: Bunky conveniently shares the space with Giant Coffee.

Check it out this weekend at the Bunky Boutique's Open House on Saturday, May 22, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at 1437 N. 1st St. Call 602-252-1323 or visit www.bunkyboutique.com.

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