Buy a Vowel (or a Consonant) by a Phoenix Artist at the Roosevelt Row Fundraiser

On Monday night, during Roosevelt Row's annual fundraiser to benefit arts programming in downtown Phoenix, you'll have 26 chances to snatch up a letter block created by a local artist.

From A to Z, the letters are constant in size, but vary in style. Roosevelt Row's Cindy Dach says each will be up for individual bid of $100, but if someone bids at least $2600 for all 26 letters, they take the set home.

Participating artists include: A Laura Spalding Best B Brian Boner C Colin Chillag D Lesli Yazzi E Karolina Sussland F Matt Yazzie G Ken Richardson H Hugo Medina I Oscar Garcia J Christina Ramirez K Peter Kuttner L Lalo Cota M Wayne Rainey N Pete Deise O Lee Hazel P Casebeer Q Randy Slack R Lori Fenn S Sue Chenoweth T Lara Plecas U Jen Urso V Carrie Marill W Joe Willie Smith X Kelly Placke Y Steven Yazzie Z Matt Moore

Dach says Roosevelt Row and the artists will split the procedes of the sale, to "ensure that artists are paid."

The benefit, dubbed "Turning Brown Lots Green" is at Bliss/Rebar from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m., and is a chance to talk to a few local gallery owners, catch up with local artists and hang out on the killer patio before it gets too hot.

Funds raised from ticket sales and auctions will help Roosevelt Row's A.R.T.S. initiative, which temporarily activates empty Downtown lots with arts markets, fairs, film spaces, and community gardens.

Admission is $30 online ($40 at the door), which includes two drinks and appetizers, or $100 if you'd also like a signed, limited-edition commemorative lithograph by James Angel.

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