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november 5
Nanci Griffith and the Blue Moon Orchestra featuring the Crickets: With the exceptions of her terrific 1993 folk tribute Other Voices, Other Rooms and the tremendously moving title track from her '91 album Late Night Grande Hotel (an otherwise disappointing affair), Griffith has seemed artistically stymied for about a decade. But as she's always done at her best, Nanci has moved forward by moving backward, toward her firmly established roots, with her new disc, Blue Roses From the Moons. They're just baby steps--Roses isn't the album that will catapult Griffith back into music's top echelon--but they provide proof that this formidably talented woman is learning to walk again in her own shoes after years of running in place in varying brands of aesthetic footwear that didn't quite fit her. Buddy Holly's Crickets (guitarist/vocalist Sonny Curtis, drummer Jerry Allison and bassist Joe B. Mauldin) made cameo appearances on Nanci's new disc, and they're along for the supporting ride. Showtime is 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, November 5, at Union Hall, Sixth Street and Van Buren. Tickets are $23 in advance, $26 the day of the show, available at the hall and Dillard's (253-7100, 503-5555).

Daniel Goldhagen: The Harvard instructor is the author of the extremely controversial 1996 book Hitler's Willing Executioners: Ordinary Germans and the Holocaust, which posited that the main murderers of Jews during World War II weren't members of the Nazi party or the SS, but run-of-the-mill Germans under the influence of what Goldhagen termed "eliminationist anti-Semitism." Goldhagen delivers the sixth annual Jonathan and Maxine Marshall Lecture at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, November 5, at the Arizona State University Music Theatre, located at Mill and Gammage Parkway in Tempe. Admission is free, but tickets must be picked up in advance. 965-1441.

Miss Coco Peru Opening: See Thursday.

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