Call for Artists: Be a Vendor at the Pie Social A.R.T.S. Market

Oops. We just drooled. 

Chow Bella & Roosevelt Row announced their second annual Pie Social to benefit Phoenix Union Bio-Science High School arts programs, and this year, they're looking for a few creatives. 

In addition to the mass consumption of community and celebrity pies on November 12, the social will include a special A.R.T.S. Market for local artists and crafters.

You can read all about the pie-filled event on Chow Bella, but here's a quick rundown:

On Saturday, November 12 from 2 to 5 p.m., you can bring a pie (and/or a $10 donation) to A.R.T.S. Project #1, 408 E. Roosevelt Street, to get five pie-tasting tickets. 

 There will be a celebrity pie contest with baked goods from Veronica Arroyo / Bourbon Steak; Justin Beckett / Beckett's Table; Tammie Coe / Tammie Coe Cakes; Jessica Cuff / The Coffee Shop; Tracy Dempsey / Tracy Dempsey Originals; Dominic Fasano / Jobot Coffee Shop; Slade Grove / Wicked Bakery; Ella Levinson / Classic Cakes and Confections; Tim & Joan O'Connor / Honey Moon Sweets; Tonya Saidi / Mamma Toledo's Pies & Homemade Desserts; Virgina Senior / Urban Beans; Jennifer Van Inwegen / Creative Butters; Traci Wilbur / Pie Snob. 

Arts/craft booths are only $25. Check out the guidebook here and download the application here.
For more information, visit the Roosevelt Row website or email [email protected]

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Claire Lawton
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