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Call for Artists: Teach Creative Projects and Stay Up Late at the Annual PHX Craft Rave

​Forget the candy necklaces, glowsticks, and happy face pills -- this rave is all about the crafts.

Join hundreds of local creative-types on Saturday November 17 at Scottsdale Studios for the annual PHX Craft Rave -- 10 hours of make-and-take madness.

The event, hosted by Kathy Cano-Murillo, aka The Crafty Chica, and Cyndi Coon, of Laboratory 5, features how-to projects including glittered shrines, graffiti totes, needle felting, screen printing, paper arts and others, technique tips from local artists, and free crafting stations (as well as a few drool-worthy giveaways for the first 100 guests).

Yes, caffeine will be supplied, as will countless projects for attendees and work by local artists. Cano-Murillo and Coon emphasize that the event is not a holiday craft sale, but an opportunity for local creatives to teach techniques and projects to event attendees.

The two are currently looking for 15 to 20 artists and instructors who would be willing to share and teach a mini-project (that's "more than scissors and glue") during the rave, which includes live performance and music, and food and beverage sales (both caffeinated and alcohol).

Those interested in participating can fill out the PHX Craft Rave artist form and submit by October 7. Each selected artist will need to bring their own supplies and lead a hands-on project that takes 15 to 20 minutes to create.

Artists can price their projects at $5, $10, or $15, and will keep all proceeds from their sessions and can also sell kits for their projects. Participation for each selected artist is $35, and attendees pay $5 at the door and then per craft by ticket, carnival-style.

The Craft Rave, traditionally held at Bragg's Pie Factory will be held this year at the Scottsdale Studios, 9445 E. Double Tree Ranch Rd. from 2 p.m. to midnight.

Stay tuned to Kathy Cano-Murillo and Cyndi Coon's websites for more info.

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