The Harold Eckman Building -- what's now St. Francis on Central Avenue.
The Harold Eckman Building -- what's now St. Francis on Central Avenue.
Arizona Preservation Foundation

Call for Nominations: Arizona's Most Endangered Historic Places

What do the The Fisher Memorial House, Peter T. Robinson House, Sun Mercantile Building, Southern Pacific Railroad Depot, and First Baptist Church in Arizona have in common?

They're old ...

And they were all listed in the Arizona Preservation Foundation's Most Endangered Historic Places list for 2006.

The list is a combination of historic and archaeological sites and is meant to "raise public awareness of preservation issues and focus critical attention on selected sites to assist in their preservation."

The Foundation is currently putting together its 2011 list, and it needs your help.

Nominations can be submitted online and are judged by a panel on three criteria:
- architectural integrity and historical significance
- identifiable threat, and
- likelihood that inclusion on the list will positively impact preservation efforts.

Submissions must include a completed nomination form (which you can download here), a few color images of the location, and any documents that support the site's "endangered" status. They must be submitted by January 15, and mailed to the Arizona Preservation Foundation, P.O. Box 13492, Phoenix, AZ 85002.

The 2011 list will be announced on Arizona Statehood Day, February 14.

For more information, visit the Foundation's website or Facebook page.

Note: This article has been updated to reflect the accurate locations on the APF's 2006 "Most Endangered Historic Places" list.


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