Call to Presenters: Ignite Phoenix No. 13 at Scottsdale Center for Performing Arts

Attention passionate people with ideas to share: Ignite Phoenix is looking for submissions.

The event, which gives local community members a chance to get up on a stage and present a 5-minute monologue of what they're passionate about, is in its 13th round. And with presentations on zombie economics, building robots, bronies, geek kids, typography, and patchuli in the past, potential presentation givers have some big shoes to fill. (You can watch those presentations, and the rest of last year's Ignite Phoenix right here.)

Ideas must be "safe for general consumption" -- read: of a PG-13 nature -- and can't contain a sales pitch for anything. Seriously.

Current pitches include 56 Days Remaining on that Crazy Mayan Calendar, Death of a competitor - How Games ruined my life, The Big Lie About PHX (and How to Defeat It), and The Untapped Potential of the Potato People (to name a few).

So get brainstorming, check out the official rules and regulations, and when you've cooked up a good idea, a couple of key points, and a killer headline, submit it through the Ignite Phoenix website.

Ignite No. 13 is scheduled for Friday, October 26. More info on tickets and final presentations are coming soon ...

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Claire Lawton
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