Camp Rock

Leave your cynicism at the door for the totally unironically named Unlimited Enthusiasm Expo (subtitle: Camp Jump & Yell for Girls and Wizards). The package tour features three proudly nerdy bands from the Northeast who will not only pummel you with their indomitable spirit but will use it to beat the jaded hipster in you to within an inch of his or her life.

“The best day of camp ever meets the geekiest circus in the world” is how singer Marty Allen of Uncle Monsterface -- a band that features a keytar player, extensive use of sock puppets, inflatable monsters, and (naturally) a song about D&D creator Gary Gygax -- described the show recently to Wired magazine.

Also on the bill are lo-fi popsters Math the Band and lower-fi popsters Harry and the Potters, who, yes, “play songs about books."

Sun., July 13, 5 p.m., 2008
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Jay Bennett
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