Captain Jean-Luc Picard's Head For $80? Engage!

You can buy practically anything on Craigslist these days, including a life-sized version of Patrick Stewart's head.

A Phoenix Trek-fan is currently selling an eerily accurate replica of the noggin of the Shakespearean actor (who played both Captain Jean-Luc Picard on Star Trek: The Next Generation and Professor Xavier in the first three X-Men films) via the online classifieds website for $80. 

An Ahwatukee resident who asked only to be identified only as "Joe" says he purchased seven of these heads from eBay in 2007.

"One of my friends did some research and said they were from an actual cast of Patrick Stewart's head that were made for a Star Trek episode," he says. "Other than that I know very little about them. Some of my friends think it's interesting, others think it's eerie."

UPDATE: Our friends over at local geek blog Lightning Octopus also had a really funny post about the Picard head earlier this week. 

He also explains that he resells secondhand Star Trek merchandise (as well as other items and collectibles) online and has so far sold six of the heads.

The head is made from silicone, weighs five pounds, and feature "wrinkles, bumps, creases, [and] clefts" that are accurate for Stewart's chiseled countenance.

Any Star Trek fans or Captain Picard fetishists interested in purchasing the head can click this link and make it so.

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