Carly's Hosts Free Nerd Nite 17 in Phoenix

Minority Report, V for Vendetta, Big Brother, the NSA, aliens . . . you don't have to tell the nerds twice that they're being watched.

Drinking and thinking join forces once again for the 17th edition of Nerd Nite Phoenix. Pairing conspiracy theories and cocktails, this security-centric installment will feature three speakers as they bring their expertise, experiences, and paranoia to the mic.

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Kicking things off will be Nerd Nite veteran and information security engineer Kevin Tyers with his presentation "Don't Fear the NSA, Fear HR!"

Next up will be Shawn "Doe" explaining the not-so-subtle similarities between private corporations and the NSA in his discussion "The Reason You Use Google and Not the NSA to Stalk Your Ex."

Capping off the night of nerd-fueled neuroses will be Ryan Avery, star of the 2009 documentary Hi My Name Is Ryan, which screens at Filmbar next month. The performance artist and renaissance weirdo will talk about "What You Have to Know When Someone Makes a Movie About You."

Nerd Nite 17 runs from 7:30 to 10:30 p.m. Thursday, January 16, at Carly's Bistro. Admission is free, and drinking is encouraged. For more information, visit "Nerd Nite 17: For Your Added Security..." on Facebook.

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Katie Johnson
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