Carrie Wheeler and Jay Wiggins' Haver Home

Just as our fashion choices, the books we read, or the films we watch speak volumes about who we are, our homes are an expression of our own unique personal style. So beginning this week, Jackalope Ranch is celebrating local Phoenicians who've created amazing dwellings -- clean and modern or eclectic and vintage -- with a series, Personal Space.

Ralph Haver's architecture is everywhere in Phoenix, but it doesn't make it less valuable or less cool. Haver homes are a part of the city's history and help define the post-war era when Phoenix began to grow with leaps and bounds.

In north central Phoenix, just a few blocks away from Marlen Grove -- the epicenter of Haver homes -- Carrie Wheeler, freelance journalist and blogger and Jay Wiggins, a.k.a. DJ Funkfinger, live in one of seven Havers in their neighborhood.

More of their story and a slideshow after the jump.

With very little renovation required, Carrie and Jay quickly felt at home in their Mid-Century Modern pad.

"We don't want to make our house like a 50's replica but when we get stuff, we try to keep the flavor of the time period," says Carrie." That's the stuff we like anyway, so it's easy."

In addition to having created a comfy 50s-inspired abode, Carrie has cultivated a lush veggie garden. After completing a master gardening class and intensely researching the best way to grow vegetables in the Phoenix climate and soil, her garden is a mini miracle.

To learn more about the steps Carrie took to achieve garden success, check out her blog www.crackinggood.com.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.