Cary Lopiccolo, What Are You Wearing?

Phoenician Cary Lopiccolo sells her super-cute button jewelry on etsy.

What are you wearing right now?

(find out after the jump)

A navy organic bamboo t-shirt by Vicarious By Nature, dark blue too
superlow 524 Levi's, 1960's vintage leather belt, 1960's vintage pink
flower button ring and vintage button bracelet by Heycaryann, flower
fabric scarf in hair, Alice in Wonderland scrabble pendant necklace
from Frances

What's the last thing you bought?
Vintage WWII British medic bandage bag from R&R Surplus. Found it last
night at The Duce!

The item of clothing you covet the most?
Anything by Miu Miu! Love the kitty prints!

Give us a childhood memory involving clothes.
I spent a lot of weekends at flea markets. I remember digging through
a trunk of vintage clothes and finding a wedding dress from the 20's!
It was white silk with metal beads sewn all over it. I used to wear it
to school with black tights, Doc Martins and 40's black kid gloves. I
wore it so much that I had to keep stitching all the tears, until it
became like a patchwork quilt! My mom finally threw it out.

List 5 items to always have in your closet.
Levi's, black Converse, hoodie, white tank top, little black dress,
Mary Janes, black Kelley bag

An item to never buy used.

An item best purchased used.
Leather belt

What's one piece of fashion advice for Phoenix?
A girl can never have too much jewelry!

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