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Casablanca Lounge Opens This Weekend in Scottsdale

To the relief of Scottsdale night owls with red bull (and mechanical bull) fatigue, Amar Patel is opening his doors of The Casablanca Lounge this weekend. 

Patel, of Magnum's Cigars and Ray's Smokes, says the lounge will focus on craft cocktails with fresh ingredients under the booze-savvy bartending hands of Rich Heider and Tyson Buhler who have mixed and poured behind the bars of J&G, BLT Steak, Jade Bar and Mabel's on Main.

The leather-furnished lounge will feature live music (which you can read more about on Up on the Sun) and has teamed up with Scottsdale's Herb Box to create a small menu. 

The opening party starts at 8 p.m. at the lounge's 4,500 sq foot location on the third floor of 7134 E. Stetson Drive in Scottsdale. 

For more information about the location, a coming-soon gallery of boozy clientelle, reservation details for the lounge's private "speakeasy," and an upcoming interactive iPad drink menu (just don't use it in public) check out the Casablanca website.

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Claire Lawton
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