Cat Bearding: The Ultimate Feline-Human Bonding Experience

Let's face it, with Beard Nation alive and growing, and cats being the indomitable rulers of the Internet, it was only a matter of time before the two found each other across the worldwide web.

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Cat bearding is the newest trending sensation among the feline-focused and selfie-centric. The intentional pet photobomb involves drawing the cat's attention upward (this is the hardest part, unless you have a laser pointer) and strategically placing your face behind it to achieve a full and fluffy cat beard.

While it remains a mystery to us how no one discovered this optical illusion sooner, we can be certain of one thing -- like all photo positioning trends (planking, Drapering, and that thing where you make the Eiffel tower look like it fits between your thumb and index finger) cat bearding will most likely end before you can say "five o'clock shadow."

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