Cat Show at Phoenix Convention Center

Crazy cat ladies, hoarders, and other preferably forgotten subcultures flocked to the Phoenix Convention Center this past weekend to take in the Phoenix Feline Fanciers Cat Show.

Dog shows, in which pups are paraded in front of ball-cupping judges, are nothing new to the public. But few realize that this joyous life for an animal does not only belong to dogs. Cats are also kenneled and driven to convention halls to compete for prizes.

And while most household cats would protest under such treatment, these breeds seemed content to cuddle in their kennels until showtime. Often, one could spy a furball (or non-furball depending on the breed) scooped up by their owner and lovingly kissed...on the mouth.

Visitors to the show this past weekend joined in collective amazement as trained cats chased lures over ramps and through tunnels during the agility contests.

Onlookers paused with awe as exotic breeds like the Sphynx and Japanese Bobtail were tugged out of their kennels and inspected thoroughly by a judge's prodding hands. Applause often broke out as the best of the breed was awarded a ribbon.

Yes, this event had everything a cat-lover would want out of their rare outing into the social world and they (oh, who am I kidding?) we look forward to next December when the annual cat show returns.

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Lilia Menconi
Contact: Lilia Menconi