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Catlateral Damage Is a Video Game for Cat Enthusiasts

If you've ever owned cats, then you know that they can be complete dicks -- knocking over fine china, biting your toes in the dead of night, using your newly upholstered sofa as their personal cat scratch station. All these actions go without any consequences because, let's face it, they're cats.

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Now you can experience the smug satisfaction of being an adorable prick with a new video game: Catlateral Damage.

Developed by QA tester, Chris Chung, this "first-person mischievous cat simulator" challenges users to knock over as many of the pet owner's belongings as possible in the game's allotted two-minute span.

Currently just in the alpha stages, Catlateral is set in a virtual bedroom, however Chung plans to create additional levels and rooms for users to wreak havoc over in the future.

Catlateral is available for free download on Linux, Mac, and Windows.

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Katie Johnson
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