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Cattoo Design: When Cat People Get Inked

Kate Benjamin is the proud owner of a new (and another) cattoo, er, tattoo inspired by her favorite animal -- the cat. 

Benjamin's a huge local supporter of the fur balls -- she owns Moderncat Studio in Phoenix and collaborated with local creative Heidi Abrahamson on cat hair jewelry in May

This summer, she's back with Cattoo Design, an online forum where local and international cat fiends can share their ink (like Dawn Kavanaugh, pictured above). 

​Benjamin says the inspiration for the site came from a tattoo she had done of an illustration featured in New Times' Best of Phoenix 2010

"I decided that I wanted to get more ink, and of course, they would all be tattoos of cats, so I was researching cat tattoo ideas online," she writes. "I realized that cats (both big cats and house cats) are an extremely popular tattoo subject, but I couldn't find a website that gathered just cat tattoo images into a single, beautiful, and easy to navigate website, so I created CattooDesign.com." 

She currently accepts submissions from all over the world and features sections on celebrity cattoos (launched with a submission of Jackson Galaxy's of My Cat from Hell) and team cattoos with submissions from local animal rescue groups. 
"It's really targeting a sub culture within a subculture -- the overlap of cat lovers who have tattoos," she writes. "Very niche."

See more cattoos and submit your own on Cattoo Design

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.