CenPho.tv: blogs that make us happy

The young, dynamic team behind Cenpho.tv knows what's happening in Central Phoenix, and their regular video and podcasts provide enthusiastic coverage of things the nightly news might just skim over -- things like public lectures at ASU, art receptions, and events like "Migratory Bird Day" at the Rio Salado Habitat Restoration Area.

Their colorful coverage of downtown development is a nice break from the often dry analysis given to the subject, as the vidcast hosts and bloggers provide first-person perspectives and focus on the cultural and nightlife impacts of development, rather than strictly the business end.

In addition to the high-quality vidcasts on Cenpho.tv, the creative types behind the site -- Jacqui Johnson, Dave Brookhouse, Amy Donahue, and Dave "Bully" Bjorn -- also have links to their individual blogs, where they wax enthusiastic about everything from Lola's Coffee Shop and the Jackson Street Entertainment District to college radio and local restaurants.

Just watching the Cenpho.tv folks in action makes us feel younger and hipper, and they may just give jaded Phoenicians a new perspective on their city.

Have a blog that will make us happy? Leave the URL in the comments or email us at jackaloperanch@newtimes.com

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