Chain Smoking

If you're a one-percenter chain gang with full-body tats, you're not gonna be welcomed with open arms by many retail establishments -- especially ones located in the ´burbs that include the word "Fine" in the title. So we were frankly surprised to learn about Stogie Cutter Bike Night. Every Thursday, easy riders and their fender bunnys can drop the kickstand at the Stogie for a 15 percent discount off any tobacco rocket in the store. But wait, there’s more. You . . . can . . . smoke . . . inside. The recently opened store is more like a sports bar than a purveyor of aromatic delights. There's a monstrous, 22-foot-long shuffleboard table, a gaggle of big-screen TVs, and a lounge area in which -- have we mentioned this part? -- you . . . can . . . smoke . . . inside.
Thursdays, 2007
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Clay McNear
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