Somewhere along the line, Apple Computer Inc. started hiring staffers with a knack for searching out perfect pop songs. These employees have an acute sense for picking catchy, pop-driven songs to pimp their lines of iPods. More often than not, these songs are superb lightning in a bottle - a fantastic vehicle for Apple’s newest technology. Brooklyn, by way of Boulder, Colorado, electronic pop trio Chairlift is the outright epitome of this newfangled iPod fame. The band’s song “Bruises” landed in the aforementioned commercials, and the rest was history. It really goes to show how one seemingly innocuous song in an iPod commercial can cement a band’s career – especially if that band produces bland, homogenized pop music. Perhaps the band suffers from a lack of an inspiring or unique locale, having moved from Los Angeles to the Williamsburg part of Brooklyn. Perhaps they are content with having a career defined by an MP3 player. Whatever the case, Chairlift is banking on the idea that people will listen to their music because of the efforts of one dedicated Apple employee. It’s a tenuous aspiration, but the band knows the pending consequences, and they seem just fine with that.
Mon., Sept. 14, 8 p.m., 2009
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Michael Lopez