Chance Encounter

As anyone with a rabbit’s foot would likely tell you, fortune and chance play a big role in everyday life. Lady Luck’s graces can determine everything from winning at craps to whether or not you nab that primo parking space at work. It’s also a big factor in Lotería, the renowned Mexican game of chance. Players are dealt a number of iconic picture cards -- featuring such caricatures as El Diablo (“The Devil”) and El Baracho (“The Drunk”) -- and must match them to similar images on a tabla, or game board. The game’s been a traditional pastime in Mexico for generations and is the inspiration behind the annual Noche De Lotería celebration taking place on Friday, May 20, at the Madison Events Center, 441 West Madison. This art party and fundraiser for ASU’s Hispanic Business Alumni Association will feature Lotería-inspired works by Latino and Chicano artists including El Moisés, Gennaro Garcia, and Kathy Cano-Murillo. Attendees can also participate in several versions of the game that will be held throughout the night for a chance to score prizes like iPads and gift cards. Art auctions, live music from Spanish guitarist Sergio Mendia, and food from Barrio Café and El Zocalo Mexican Grille will also be on tap for the event.
Fri., May 20, 6 p.m., 2011
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