Chatty Retail

For the live taping of a podcast to be something fun to watch, the hosts gotta be pretty damn entertaining. Fortunately, that doesn’t seem to be an issue with Hollywood Babble-On. Host one, Kevin Smith, is not only the director of film classics like Clerks and Mall Rats, but has been broadcasting his own “smodcast” since February 2007. Host two, Ralph Garman, is an actor and impressionist best known for his work on the Joe Schmo Show and Family Guy. During the live podcast, the pair discusses La La Land’s current events through segments such as Tinseltown Stiffs (about recently deceased celebrities) and Hollywood Helpers (about acts of charity among the Hollywood elite). Their unique viewpoint and general smart-assery likely could make watching paint dry compelling.

Thu., May 24, 8 p.m., 2012
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Zach Fowle
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