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The real-life mysteries that creep into our drab day-to-day existence are far more mundane than mystery tehater's two favorite themes: death and deception. But they aren't the only things worth investigating. That's why we all have a bit of detective in us, whether we’re finding the source of that leaky roof, from where that sweater in the back seat came, or even following our hearts for an answer that’s inconsequential but no less meaningful.

In Underneath the Lintel, a librarian comes across a returned book. Suspiciously, the book is 113 years overdue -- a pretty exciting development in the bookworm's otherwise quiet life. He discovers in the book's pages a 73-year-old laundry ticket to a still-open Laundromat in London, and that takes him to the first stop on a globetrotting trek that puts an innocent twist on the standard whodunit model.

Oct. 18-20, 7:30 p.m.; Sun., Oct. 21, 3 p.m., 2012
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Christina Caldwell