Why is it that the heaviest bands often have the goofiest names? There’s a definite trend within the grindcore, hardcore, and death-metal scenes demanding cheesy names, outrageous costumes, cartoonish stage antics, and song after song about nonserious subjects such as drinking or abstinence for the straight-edgers. Bands like Arsonists Get All the Girls and Phoenix’s own George Moshington take the evil right out of the types of tunes your mom used to call “the Devil’s music,” though you’ll probably still get trampled in the pit should you choose to attend a live performance. Tennessee’s Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza beautifully fits the “comically threatening” mold. With Pantera and Sepultura as musical mentors, you can expect at least three things from this band: loud, fast, and hard. Now, when has that ever been a bad thing?

Tue., Dec. 11, 8 p.m., 2007
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Adriane Goetz