Chow Bella's "Eating Christmas": Food Stories from Cynthia Clark Harvey, Robrt Pela, Kim Porter, and More at Crescent Ballroom

Everybody loves a flaming holiday ham and a botched batch of cookies -- if nothing else, they usually make for great stories and they're a great reason to kick back a good helping of dangerously strong eggnog.

Holiday tales are some of our favorites -- and as luck would have it, they rank pretty high with our friends at Chow Bella. This month, our food-lovin' sister blog will be home to a collection of food-themed holiday stories from local creatives, and on December 12, you can meet the storytellers in person for a reading at Crescent Ballroom.

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Of course not all of the stories are of the disaster variety, but "Eating Christmas" will include great writing, storytelling, and of course, a nice helping of grub from the Crescent Ballroom kitchen.

Readers include Jackalope Ranch contributors Cynthia Clark Harvey (who writes our "Explicitly Graphic" column), Sativa Peterson, and Robrt Pela (who reviews theater and architecture for New Times), as well as author and SMoCA Lounge programmer Tania Katan, playwright and Space 55 member Kim Porter, self-described "Literary Mama" Elizabeth Maria Naranjo, author Judy Nichols, and Susan Tully.

Admission is free and canned food donations will be accepted to benefit St. Mary's Food Bank.

Editor's Note: Due to a scheduling conflict, Tania Katan will be unable to make the event. But rest assured, you'll get to read her piece on Chow Bella.

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