Chris Galli's Golden Rectangle and Spiral

Name: Chris Galli

Age: 22, and I received my first tattoo in October 2010

My Arm Piece: I got the outline of the Golden Rectangle and Spiral on my right arm back in October with Heather at Lady Luck Tattoo Gallery. My whole life, I've tended to possess a very Type-A personality (i.e. massive control freak), and felt most comfortable when certain levels of predictability existed.

For that reason, math has always been a favorite subject of mine, and always loved different patterns and shapes that can be derived from simple equations. This shape signifies how something that appears quite basic can grow to something very complex and remarkable -- something that can be equated to many things in life.

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To me, the design serves as a constant reminder that no idea should go ignored or disregarded just because I don't think that it will ever amount to anything.

Many have asked if the piece is still in progress due to the lack of color or additional shading. My answer? Yep. All I needed was the basic framework for the tattoo to serve its purpose.

Next tattoo: I have one idea currently on the back burner: A CL Curve of an airfoil on my left arm to appease my internal pilot nerdiness ... and math love.

Know of a few creative marks? Send us your photos/suggestions.

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