Christy Zandlo Leaves Scandalesque to Open Pyrrha Sutra Presents

Change is in the air for Scandalesque co-founders Julianna Curtis and Christy Zandlo. The two women who founded the nightlife entertainment company back in 2004 have parted ways to pursue their own projects.

Zandlo, whose stage name is Pyrrha Sutra, says the split between her and Curtis ended amicably. "It was my decision, I wanted to do my own thing," says Zandlo. "[Curtis] felt if [Scandalesque] stayed, then she'd be competing against me."

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As of this writing, Curtis has not returned requests for comment.

Zandlo says the LLC under which Scandalesque was formed, Vega Arts, will remain intact under Curtis' name and supervision. While Zandlo says Curtis plans to divide her time between teaching dance classes and offering more family-geared entertainment, Zandlo will be putting her energy into her own solo project, Pyrrha Sutra Presents.

Pyrrha Sutra Presents will focus on providing burlesque as well as other alternative, circus-style entertainment. Through her ongoing collaborations with other performers around the country and in Canada as Pyrrha Sutra, Zandlo plans to bring in new an exotic acts to Phoenix.

In addition to the shows, which Zandlo plans on being a part of as much as possible, she will also be releasing burlesque workout DVDs as Pyrrha Sutra and teaching classes as herself through Core Crossfit in Phoenix.

"What I'd like to do is bring in entertainers like a contortionists or aerialists to teach a master class and perform at one of my shows," says Zandlo.

Pyrrha Sutra Presents will make its debut over Super Bowl weekend with Burlesque Bowl, featuring performances by Pyrrha Sutra herself as well as dancers, Carlos Montufar, Nic Duchnowski, and Camilla Cruelle, aerialist Laura Cain, contortionist Cleodora, and comedians Kelly With A Big Ol' K, Pandora DeStrange, and Blissom Booble.

The the two-night affair happens at 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday, January 30 and 31, at Palazzo Night Club. Tickets are $25. For more information and to see what other shows are lined up at Pyrrha Sutra Presents, visit pspresents.com.

Editor's note: This post has been modified from its original version to correct that the Core Crossfit where Zandlo teaches is in Phoenix and to correct a photo credit.

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