Club Red

You got knocked out on the curb the other night. As the sky tilted from starboard to port above you, your mouth filled with blood. You reveled in the sensation, feeling the thrill uncoil in your stomach.

Consider Bloodfest 2008 the culmination of your growing sanguine fetish. With the rave’s “new and improved” sprinkler system, you can choose to be doused in red liquid all night long while dancing to the dark beats of DJ Plastic Disease, Lenny Dee, Hardwire, and Wheelz. For your viewing pleasure, there’ll be live flesh-hook suspensions, a freak show, and a spectacular performance by L.A. diva Boom! Boom!

The secret Phoenix location will be announced the night of the party, Saturday, October 4. Tickets range from $10 to $25 and are available at Fetish Falls in Tempe and London West Records in Scottsdale. All responsible ages are welcome.

Sat., Oct. 4, 2008
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Nina Carapetyan