Club Wet, a Women-Only Social Group, Hosts "A Taste of Heaven" this Weekend

Leggy model Divine (pictured after the jump) will host the fete inside exotic dance club The Sweet Spot. Partygoers will enjoy a a massive food buffet that includes fruit and veggie trays, chicken, macaroni, and all-white cupcakes to match the party theme. Said cupcakes will be served by hot women wearing white angel wings. Even the strippers will wear white. Thongs, custom bikinis, and wine will be given away.

Sorry, no boys allowed. Like all of Club Wet's events, this is ladies-only. The new female networking group is the brainchild of Rowe, who saw a need for a social resource for women, particularly lesbians, in the Valley. Rowe's a New York native who moved to Arizona a couple years ago to be closer to her cousin -- rapper DMX.

"Rolling with DMX, I've been to every club in town, basically," Rowe says. "And you see the same girls on the same poles dancing to the same music -- every club I go to has the same thing. Maybe the lighting will be different, but that's about it."

So Rowe decided to create Club Wet, partly named because "women look good wet, whether it's just their shirt or their hair or their bodies," but also because the "W.E.T." part stands for Women Emerging Together. The idea is to create a vast social network of women across Arizona.

Annual Club Wet dues, which cost $25 for regular and $75 for VIP memberships, will include a directory of women from every profession on the club's website. Membership cards also entitle members to discounts from certain retailers, like a 15 percent discount at all Fascinations locations. They can post profiles on the Club website, just like on Facebook or MySpace, but they'll only be viewable to other club members. And most importantly, they'll have access to all of Club Wet's events.

"It's not just about nightlife, it's about a lifestyle," Rowe says. "People are thinking the club is the party. But the club is not the party, the people are the party."

Rowe says she's "bringing a bit of my New York style to Arizona," and plans to take over The Sweet Spot on Sunday with big style. "The music will be all adult music, soulful music," she says. "No Soulja Boy or 'Black and Yellow'." Instead, both the club's exotic dancers and the ladies on their own dance floor will groove to R&B, soul, and pop.

There will be raffles every 30 to 40 minutes for a variety of items, including a custom Club Wet T-shirt and thong, a free Club Wet membership, and a bottle of White Zinfandel. There will also be a "Baddest Chick in Town" contest, with winner nabbing all of the above, plus a custom white bikini by Simply Wet.

Memberships won't be available until after the New Year when launches, but the upcoming "A Taste of Heaven" party will provide a preview of the parties to come for all interested ladies. And while Club Wet is meant to be a resource for the lesbian community, Rowe stresses women don't have to be lesbians to become members. "The only requirement is that they're women," she says. "You know, sometimes you just wanna go out with the girls."

Club Wet presents "A Taste of Heaven" at 9 p.m. Sunday, December 12, at The Sweet Spot, 3613 E. Van Buren Street. Admission costs $20 and includes all food and 2-for-1 specials on white drinks. Call 623-399-8024 or visit for more information.

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