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CO+HOOTS Caters To Phoenix Creatives

You drive by a cool building and think, "Oooh, I wanna work there!"

We've done it. A million times.

Designer Jenny Poon felt the same way so she created CO+HOOTS. "It started because I was getting tired of working from home," says Poon. "Being isolated and alone was stunting my creativity." 

CO+HOOTS is located on 7th Street, just south of Roosevelt in the historic JB Bayless building. Poon of eeko studio and Joseph Lewis, the building's owner, teamed up to provide rental office space for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners. CO+HOOTS operates on a membership basis and the fees cover anywhere from one day to one year's worth of office needs.

They have officially launched and are accepting applications today.

The vibe is supposed to be a mix between a coffee shop (without the distraction), a professional office (without a fire-breathing boss), and your home office (without the gut-wrenching loneliness).

Depending on which membership you choose ($10 daily, $350-$650 monthly) you get desk space, a professional mailing address, access to a photocopy machine, a printer, utilities, wifi, event space, security, signage, and other office-y conveniences -- including the opportunity to socialize and share ideas with fellow members.

CO+HOOTS is currently offering month-long trial membership for $100. The space will be open to the public on July 2 during First Friday. Check out the website.

Note: Some of the prices have been updated since the original post.

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