CO+HOOTS Launches Nonprofit Foundation in Phoenix
Courtesy of CO+HOOTS

CO+HOOTS Launches Nonprofit Foundation in Phoenix

CO+HOOTS is downtown Phoenix's largest co-working community space and it just got a lot more communal.

On Thursday, May 1, CO+HOOTS announced the launch of its first-ever nonprofit, the CO+HOOTS Foundation. A collaborative effort by CO+HOOTS founder Jenny Poon, co-founding member Odeen Domingo, and local nonprofit strategist Kristin Romaine, CO+HOOTS Foundation aims to make some positive changes around the Valley -- namely, how we do business.

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At this stage, the CO+HOOTS Foundation has yet to find a location. The organization is currently looking to expand the CO+HOOTS space within the Valley, preferably in proximity to the light rail and potentially in an area separate from its 11th street location. Despite being in these early stages, Poon and her team already have already laid out some pretty lofty plans for the future.

"When I founded CO+HOOTS, we always had the intention of bringing coworkers together to benefit the local community through pro bono service projects and leadership," Poon says the press release. "Now that our members have rocked their way through the recession and are growing in size, we not only see a need for a second space but also a desire to give back. The CO+HOOTS Foundation will give our members -- as independent companies -- the capacity to have a greater community impact."

Through the Foundation, CO+HOOTS plans to provide educational opportunities, strong networking communities, and free services to other non-profit businesses. The new CO+HOOTS Foundation is currently set to open during either winter of 2014 and spring of 2015. For more information, visit

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