Coffee, Cookies & Crafts at Bragg's Pie Factory in Photos

This tremendous trifecta was an idea born of Kate Benjamin (Modern Cat Studio), Lisa Jacobs (Sticker Club Girl) and Megan Olesen (Lucky 15 Creative).

Their idea? To put Phoenix on the map of crafty cities. DC has Crafty Bastards. San Francisco, Austin, L.A., Chicago, and Brooklyn all are blessed with the Renegade Craft Fair, Seattle has Urban Craft Uprising...(and that's just a sample of what's out there.)

Now it's our city's turn to show our skills with the indie arts & crafts crowd. (It must be mentioned that Frances here in Phoenix also co-sponsors a super cool craft fair around the holidays.) These folks want to do CCC quarterly, which we think is a grand idea.There's room to grow, and we like that -- growing stuff in the desert is what we're good at.

The 3rd Annual Mutant Pinatas Show at Bragg's made a fitting backdrop Saturday for the 25 vendors, crafty demos, a craft supply swap, coffee by Conspire, and various sweet treats by local bakers, including Urban Cookies and Elemental Sugar. See all the fun in our slide show.

For more info on upcoming CCC events, email coffeecookiesandcrafts@gmail.com.

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