Comedian Bobcat Goldthwait on the Bill of Rights, Ted Nugent, Westboro Baptist Church, and His Film God Bless America

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Was the main character an avatar for your frustrations with attention whores?
I agree with about 89 percent of the stuff Frank says in the film, but I don't agree with all of it because I'm part of the problem too. But I really was just trying to make a movie that questions the distractions. I don't think anybody should be getting shot or killed or put to death.

So you're against the death penalty then?
That's the funny thing, I actually agree with Bill O'Reilly on the death penalty. I'm against it just like him. But he's too busy trying to make people like me... "Oh, Hollyweird with all the lefties, everybody gets their marching orders from the left." Which is really funny, like yeah, we all get our marching orders from Fox Studios, or it's a very liberal place, Clint Eastwood can't even get a break Yeah, we're all lefty pinkos here. Ronald Reagan and John Wayne got a shot in their day here.

Bill O'Reilly and some of the other conservative pundits consider you to be a leftist?
No, I haven't heard anything from Bill O'Reilly's camp but on Breitbart's website, they are actually even more extreme. The movie's been called "leftist snuff porn," which is funny. I think that if someone wanted to make the conservative version of this movie I would support it. I'm not against freedom of speech and I'm also into people being creative. I think people get confused between freedom of speech and an actual threat. When Ted Nugent says that, "Next year if Obama gets elected I'm going to be in jail or dead," he's implying that he's going to kill him, so that's not a joke. That's the problem with the Second Amendment, if you really do care about owning a gun and think that's important, the right to, which I actually do. You have a lot of crackpots defending something that's super important.

What's your opinion about gun nuts like Ted Nugent? The Obama administration has not done anything to take away anyone's guns and that's something that keeps coming from some of those people. And then they say he's going to do it if he gets reelected. It's just crazy. I think the way it's set up that if you're not a criminal and you're not a dangerous person you should have a gun. Why would you be opposed to that? The waiting period is inconvenient, but that's part of, I'm willing to do that. American people are like, "Wah, I want it now, wah." I blame Burger King. I'll tell you what, owning a gun makes you act right because you go like, "Do I really want to get in a fight in traffic with this guy? I don't want to have to use my gun."

You own a gun yourself?
Oh sure.

So that covers the first two amendments. What's your stance on giving quarter to British troops?
(Laughs) Well, I have to say I'm a big fan of the British. If Ray Davies wants to come over to my house and crash he's welcome to, even if he joins the military.

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