Comicon Kickoff Reveals Sulu, Elvira, and Other Guests

It's official, George freaking Takei is coming to Phoenix Comicon.

The announcement of the Star Trek actor's appearance came at the Phoenix Comicon Kickoff event Thursday night. More than 300 people jammed into a Phoenix Convention Center seminar room to hear what guests, events, and exclusive items were confirmed for the May convention.

And Takei was just the beginning of the surprises ...

Takei's famous for his performance as Captain Sulu in the sci-fi show Star Trek, and he's not the only Star Trek veteran slated to be in attendance either, as Mr. Spock himself Leonard Nimoy, will be at the convention.

Other big guests were announced at the kickoff event such as television actor Adam Baldwin, popular zombie book author Max Brooks, G.I. Joe comic book writer Larry Hama, and the "Mistress of the Dark" Elvira among many others.

Convention director Matt Solberg was making the announcements at the event and admitted that he was excited to reveal Takei's appearance at the con.

"The reaction was just tremendous," says Solberg with a huge grin.

Once the attendees heard that Mr. Sulu was coming to town, the room erupted in applause and excited cheering that could have rivaled the Suns fans at the home game going on a few blocks away.

Danie Silvera, a future volunteer for the Phoenix Comicon, commented that the guest reveal struck her practically speechless.

"George Takei and Leonard Nimoy," says Silvera. "It's like my high school fantasy is complete!"

The Phoenix Comicon will take place on May 26-29 at the Phoenix Convention Center. Information about the guest list as well as ticket prices can be found on their

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