Community Collage

Whether you’ve visited every country from Australia to Zaire or your idea of a vacation involves lounging on the couch with a microwave pizza in one hand and the controls to Halo: Reach in the other, local artist Jon Totel hopes his travel collages will inspire you. “I am interested in the extraordinary events that interrupt an otherwise monotonous day,” he says. “I hope when someone looks at my work, they are not only inspired to seek out new places, but that they may see something in it that sparks a memory of a previous adventure in their life.”

Catch Totel’s latest work in “Ephemeral Landscapes.” Totel started crafting collages out of brochures, maps, and other travel ephemera as an alternative way of documenting a trip to China -- you can only look at so many kitschy scrapbooks before you want to shut your eyes with a glue gun, after all.

June 9-Aug. 12, 2010
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Wynter Holden
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