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If you find it hard to meet people in Phoenix, we suggest hitting up downtown, where honest-to-goodness community exists. Don’t feel comfortable moseying your way into an established scene? No worries because a new spot called Fractal is holding its official grand opening tonight in hopes of attracting all sorts of folks to see what the collaborative space is all about. (The multiple-partner effort is anchored by three non-profits: the creative-education organization Dojo Collective; the spiritual-nurturing communitasPHX; and the Rusty Spoke bicycle collective.)

According to Fractal owner Zack Newsome, he hopes that the space will become a place where folks can learn, volunteer, and participate. “Our plans for 2010 include a weekday co-working space for local creatives; the development of creative workshops and mentoring programs; monthly participation in First Fridays; a weekly community bicycle shop; and a regular calendar of local and independent music shows.”

As far as the music stuff, Newsome adds, “With the changes Modified Arts is making, we recognized the need for new venues to emerge and fill the void that Modified's changes create. We want to help keep the downtown art and music scene progressing.”

The opening-night shindig will include live performances by Courtney Marie Andrews, Owl & Penny, The Whisperlights, Kenny Bump, and Boys and Frogs.

Fri., Jan. 22, 7 p.m., 2010
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